giovedì 9 ottobre 2008

stuck in my mind

I just can't stop singing it.. this tune got stuck in my mind.
No doubt it's a beautiful song.. but it's all getting a bit of annoying... ;-)

Anyway... I've just come back from Reykjavìk, where I spent a lovely time with THE lady, my good, crunchy, pretty miss Hrefna. No need to say I got a very bad cold right after landing (I knew it was gonna happen), anyway I could enjoy my stay and all the cuddly cuddles I've been given.

And now.. back to life, back to reality.
See you soon, pretty peeps.. enjoy this song and the warmth of these marvellous autumn days.

5 commenti:

halfblood ha detto...

hey there!!!Nice to read from you again! well.. I'm happy u had a good time in your jurney di Reikjavic... (is it written correctly?) I also have a big, enormous,! ahahaha.... these quick chages of temperature are killing me! take care!

Lillo ha detto...

My God, it's been a while since the last time I got this song on my hi-fi.

Welcome back.


luku ha detto...

@ halfblood: :-) hope you're doing fine in Milan. take care and have fun!

@lillo: thanks, dear! ;-)

hme ha detto...

Big love from more snow in Reykjavik! :) xxx

luku ha detto...

@ halfblood: ... ;-)
@lillo: thank you, dear..!! :-*
@hme: .. more snow???!!! .. how I wish I could still be there, talking 'bout life in the hot tub, with snow decending slowly on our heads... I love you, sweetie!!