sabato 23 agosto 2008

what's going on in my kitchen

I know I'm a lazy boy. I've always been one.
That's why I just disappeared 'bout a month ago and almost nobody knew where I was hiding.. well, the answer to all of you questions is: I WAS ON HOLIDAY.
actually... my head needed some holiday. so I plugged it off and moved to France. and back. and I visited my parents, who are not very sociable and funny and nice-to-stay-with at the moment..
anyway: I'm back.

For those of you who still don't know it, I'm not graduating in September. My tutor decided she'd better spend her Summer with her daughters and nephews, rather than reading and checking my paper, so.. I'm graduating in December. It's not bad either, anyway it's all so annoying. but.. nevermind.
Even though I'm graduating in December, I can start with my MA courses in October. Uh, yeah, you don't know it yet: I eventually made up mi mind and decided for a MA in linguistics and translation. cool, isn't it?

and, apart from graduating and starting with this new studying experience, before the year is over I really want to:

- find a job to pay all my bills, trips and stuff (..any suggestion, prostitution excluded??)
- go to the gym AT LEAST once a week
- lose some weight
- emancipate from my parents
- go to Iceland and hug my lovely sweet Hrefna
- hug and kiss my lovely Minna
- go back to Lithuania

... will I have enough time/money/energy to do it all?